Top X-berg Bars

One of the most popular FAQ’s is, “So where’s a good place to get a drink around here?”

Even though we have holiday flats all over Berlin, some of the best stays seem to happen in our apartments in Kreuzberg. So the following is a top five list of cool spots we usually end up sending people and they usually end up thanking us.

Lerchen und Eulen
This used to be a meat-processing company for kebabs, now it is a bar known more by locals than by tourists, a good getaway with great longdrink prices and groovy music.
There is no name on the outside of this Russian-décor-inspired bar that keeps on going. It looks small to start, but provides 3 rooms with very different vibes including a dance floor. Good, cheap draft beer and decent tunes makes this another local favorite.
Devil’s Kitchen & Bar
A spot that’s suitable for a Mediterranean snack, or a round or two of drinks. This smoking-optional (separate room) spot will keep your belly full and your lips going.
Das Hotel
A bar and a club. Two separate entries. The upstairs is a bar with lots of laughter and Spanish beer. The downstairs is a cozy dance atmosphere with a wild mix of tunes.
Santa Maria
Don’t miss Taco Tuesdays, where tequila and Tacos cost one (euro) buck each. This is a restaurant where you can eat, drink and then eat again.

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